Table d'hôtes with local specialities at Mas du Sabartes guesthouse

La Table d'hôtes

At the Mas du Sabartes guesthouse, the Table d'hôtes is available by reservation three evenings a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
The meal, served at the common table is an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other better and share their experiences of the day in a friendly atmosphere.
Despite what our guests may say, I did not attend hotel school; cooking, for me, is the pleasure of making pleasure, it is sharing, exchanging and having a good time with friends.
At the Table d'hôtes, I invite you to taste a colorful cuisine with southern flavors. I invite you to discover the regional specialities, whose recipes, which I take from my grandmother, are transmitted from one generation to another.
The traditional dishes based on meat or fish, are accompanied by seasonal vegetables, produced in the vegetable garden of the house. The fruits of our orchard allow me, in addition to making jams, to prepare gourmet desserts with southern accents.
Want to enhance your stay in a fun way ? Do not hesitate to join me to learn Catalan cuisine.

Some specialties served at the table d'hôtes


Table d'hôtes menu
A  drink, a starter, a main course, a desert, coffee en wines

Adult price : 23 € / person
Childre less 12 years price : 15 € / person

- Before your stay if you wish to join the host table on the day of your arrival.
- On site for the following dinners.
When the table d'hôtes is not offered, the dining areas and the summer kitchen are at your disposal, if you wish to eat on site. You have a refrigerator, a microwave, a plancha, an electric cooker and the dishes necessary for the preparation of a small meal, which you can take on the terrace or in the living room depending on weather.